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Forest Hills at Tala

Belvedere’s Retreat

Relearn Nature with Belveder's Retreat

Spanning globally, it was an initiative by Belvedere for Bartenders around the country to experience nature at its finest. The idea behind the initiative was to make bartenders revisit their roots and “Relearn Nature”

Belvedere didn’t just host the event at Tala, but added elements of value that made this edition of the country wide competition that special. Their vision was simple, real and clear. They wanted to reimagine cocktails to celebrate conscious choices and savouring taste. Six bartenders from all over India were chosen after a long elimination process to come and try their hand at reimagining cocktails with a slice of nature. While cocktails in Round 1 paid an ode to the bartender’s idea of ‘Home’, in the second leg each cocktail captured the essence of all that made the participating outlets an integral part of their city’s cultural landscape.

Forest Hills welcomed them to its Organic Farm that has been grown and tended to entirely through strong support from the local community at Tala. The bartenders hand-picked herbs, fruits, and other essentials for their ‘experiential cocktails’. Having access to Forest Hills wide range of homegrown varieties added a flavour of ‘home’ and ‘city’s cultural landscape’ to the experiments of these talented bartenders.

The six bartenders were Vedant Mehra, Shehan Minocher, Trisha Koparde, Merrick Rodrigues, and Divya Chawda. They are now a part of the Belvedere Collective that ideates on new signature cocktails with the expertise of these bartenders. They enjoyed a weekend of doing what they love, with fresh produce and in the lap of nature. They got to experience trails, treks, lip-smacking delicacies, stunning abodes and more. Forest Hills took the core idea of the Belvedere Retreat a notch higher, and served it with a touch of experiential tourism to it, leaving Team Belvedere with the experience of a lifetime.

Forest Hills, Tala always opens its doors to new experiences, new cultures and new people. The Belvedere’s Retreat was such a one-of-a-kind experience that was hosted at Forest Hills, Tala.