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Forest Hills at Tala

India Forest Festival

A gathering of the bikers community

In the interiors of Tala, Forest Hills conducted the gathering of a pride, which can't be better defined as 'esprit de corps'. Thousands of miles were covered to be a part of the coveted 'India Forest Festival', where the night bought the biking community closer.

As D-Day arrived, Forest Hills at Tala was all set to conduct its nonchalant bikers' event - India Forest Festival. Scheduled on 03rd & 04th of November, the event was curated by Forest Hills, in association with Bikers United India.

The extravagant event started on 03rd November, as bikers from all across the nation started checking in at 11 am. After getting served with a refreshing welcome drink, bikers headed towards their respective tents, allocated at our campsite. As guests were still flowing in, a buffet lunch was arranged on level 3 of our property.

Post lunch, the biking community were gathered at the prime location of the event, i.e. the sunset point. 'MH 43', a live band was organized to set the mood going. The band performed on some of the evergreen Bollywood songs, of course, blending them with a metal theme.

As the sun started setting down, exhilarating activities started pouring in. An electrifying stunt show was organized at 7:30 pm, followed by Tug of war. Soon after these thrillers, a euphoric beer game was pulled by the gentleman named 'Mr. Kadak'. Known for his charismatic persona, Mr. Kadak entertained the crowd with his uniques beer activities.

While the evening was getting cooler, the live barbeques tempted the moods. Though the night was engulfed with shenanigans, the blazing bonfire took the night to the heights.

In no time, the band was ready with another session, so does the bikers. This session lasted for another half an hour and then came the most awaited event of the night. Around 9 pm, bikers were gathered for the contest, named as 'Loudest voice & horn', and as the name itself suggests, this crazy-crazy event showed which monster biker is the loudest amongst all.

Post this, the last event of the night - 'Burnout' happened. It was the last man standing match, where bikers kept their vehicles stationary and spun their wheels, causing the tires to heat up and smoke due to friction. The event literally ended on a high note and got a 'Queen' as its winner.

Prizes were distributed as soon as the events got over and the awards were handed over by none other than the chief guest and Padma Shri awardee - Deepa Malik.

Amidst this gala night, the scrumptious buffet dinner was all set. While guests were enjoying their meals, the nonchalant evening was again pumped by yet another performance of MH43. It was assumably the last gig of the night, but for everyone's surprise, a DJ party was also organized. Soon after shaking their legs to the live musical concert, guests participated in another 'last man standing' event, where they danced their hearts out before the never-ending loud music.

While the Saturday night ended on a captivating note, the Sunday morning started with a refreshing nature trail. At 7:30 am, guests were taken to a nature walk, where our staff introduced them to the 1st century B.C. Kuda caves. Post nature trail, a gathering happened at the campsite, where guests were served with a healthy breakfast and with that, their visit finally came to a conclusion.