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Forest Hills at Tala

Introducing The Indigo Trail

The new

An opulent stay away from the rush, with a blend of luxury, warmth, and sustainability.

The Indigo Trail

After introducing close to a dozen villas, Forest Hills is delighted to launch its latest abode - The Indigo Trail. The palatial house is instated on level three of the property, giving a luxury accommodation to the guests. As sustainability is the nucleus of the site, this house has also been built using laterite bricks that are abundantly available at the site. Crafted by ace interior designer, Sonal Bhatia, the spacious villa is made for a comfortable stay of two people, with en-suite bathroom, attached with a dazzling bathtub.

Sharing her thought behind designing this villa, Bhatia says, "Just the love for the colour indigo. It is a color which relates to the "New Age" - the ability to use the higher mind and see beyond the normal senses. This is exactly what a getaway stay should do to an individual."

"Some place that relaxes you completely taking your mind off the hustle and bustle. It should really make you forget where your phone is! But at Forest Hills, you can’t stop capturing the beautiful shots the scenery has to offer." Sonal Bhatia
Interior Designer

For a snug stay, the villa also features a cozy corner with a candle light dining area, a mini refrigerator, and a kettle. The interiors are designed in a way that makes the beautiful house a paragon of its type. To complement its title, the designer has given it a classic look, by just using 3 basic colors - Blue, White & Indigo.

The Indigo Trail has been crafted to keep the simplicity intact, and that's what makes it different from our other villas. Speaking on this, the designer continued saying, "Rustic in its own way, but more finished. We have carefully played with the colour by adding highlighting elements, trying not to go overboard with it. This villa simply has a charm which makes guests go gaga over it."

With a white roof, ceramic parquet flooring, rustic furniture and an array of artworks, the leeway give no less than a regal sojourn. While the inside has been adorned by artistic elegance, from outside, it is covered by the carpet of foliage. The patio of the rustic setup will make sure to tranquilize you and the overall structure is made to give you a perfect getaway from the chaotic urban life.

The villa stands tall to welcome you with its open arms, and it promises to give you a resplendent experience in the middle of a quaint place.