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Forest Hills at Tala



Sustainability at Forest Hills

Since the inception of Forest Hills at Tala, we have been successful in building an eco-friendly retreat where we respect nature and live one with the community. Below are the few steps, which we undertake to make the place more liveable for the coming generations:


Homes are made using the material available at site. As the resources are limited, we at FH avoid the usual material to build our spaces and bring in the use of laterite, extracted from the lands of Tala. Saying NO to the cement, we use lime plaster, which is an organic resource, composed of sand, water and lime.

RO purified water

Sustainability is the prime focus of Tala, and to keep it intact, we serve RO purified water. While the water is of utmost purity, we serve it in glass cups and bottles, eliminating each and every bit of plastic.

Eliminate the plastic to the core

Greenery and plastic cannot go hand in hand and standing tall on our standards, we at Tala avoid the practice of using plastics to the core. With our joint effort, we have eliminated the single use of plastic to an extent, and have employed glass vessels to serve our cuisines.

Vermiculture/ Vermicompost

Vermicompost is the end-product of the breakdown of organic matter by earthworms. At Tala, various species of worms, usually red wigglers, white worms, and other earthworms, create a mixture of decomposing vegetable or food waste, animal waste, and vermicast, which later used as an organic fertilizer.

Rainwater harvesting

Rainwater can have a major amount of water supply and has been shown to be able to reduce municipal water demand. By collecting rainwater, we can have a direct positive impact on the environment. We have four ponds at our site where we have developed a water harvesting system. We also motivate people and educate them about rainwater harvesting so that they shall not suffer in droughts.

Organic Farming

At Tala, we have an open space of 5.5 acres, used for organic farming. Harvested by the local farmers, the products here are cultivated in a modern way by eliminating the use of chemicals, and bringing in the use of vermicompost fertilizers. As our site is erected in the serenity, we have a range of plants that multiply our richness. We have edible plants such as Ladyfinger, Brinjal, Hot pepper, and more. Meanwhile, we also have herbal plants like lemon grass, Adulsa and insulin plants, used for medicinal purposes. Recently, we also initiated the inhouse production of nutritious fodder for animals, made up from the sprouts of wheat and maize using the hydroponic trays. With our joint effort, the site is growing.

Prawns farming

We farm Vannameis, also known as whiteleg shrimp, twice a year. With 5 ponds totalling 12.5 acres, we get a total of about 25 tons from one harvest. A chunk of harvested prawns are then used in our restaurant, and the rest gets exported to Mumbai, Pune, Goa, and the Gulf, giving a subordinate reach to the local people of Tala.

Local Employment

Local employment policy can make an important contribution to eradicating unemployment. It is a win-win situation to both company and local people. Be it building houses, organic farming, and animal husbandry; all these are carried by the local people of Tala. This leads them to have a prosper life, and also eliminates their chances to migrate to urban cities in search for jobs.

Educational Support

Education majorly affects your understanding of right and wrong. An educated population is essential for the country’s prosperity. That’s why we decided to take a small step towards it and help the local school of Tala - Ashok Lokhande Vidyamandir.

Study material: We provide educational support to local schools by providing educational materials like books, computers, and maintenance of the school.

Study tours: Learning happens everywhere, not just in the classroom. We also give financial support to schools and students for the study tours and picnics so that they can see the world beyond the tiny village.

Petting Zoo

Forest Hills is not just limited to luxury and greenery. At our site, we have a range of animals, like Horses, Pigs, Goats, Donkeys and few more and birds like Emus, Black Roosters, Chickens, Ducks, and Turkeys, that keeps the place more lively.

We have local experts in every department who supervises the whole site with the utmost care, keeping our aim and the space, unsullied.