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Forest Hills at Tala

Full Moon Party + Pre-Christmas Camp

Full Moon Party + Pre-Christmas Camp

On 22nd December, the year 2018 witnessed its last full moon, and to make the night more remarkable, Forest Hills at Tala organised a full moon party. As it was the Christmas week, the eco-resort brought together the celebrations of the full moon party and Pre-Christmas camping to turn it into a thrilling event.

Check-ins for the dazzling party started at 11 am, where guests were greeted with the traditional welcome drink. All guests were accommodated in their respective tents and villas, and after a brief interval, a buffet lunch was arranged at the poolside restaurant. While the guests started mingling with each other, a set of activities were waiting at the campsite.

At the highest point of the property, the campsite carried out activities such as Archery, Rifle Shooting, Volleyball, Football, Horse Riding and more. While all these activities were conducted simultaneously, on-ground experts were available to timely guide the enthusiastic participants.

Sun started setting down, skies turned orange, a soft breeze enveloped the campsite and the eve was ready to heat up. While the flaming bonfire made the event prodigious, the rise of the full moon multiplied the beauty of the chilly night. Complementing the Pre-Christmas camping, Blueberry pastry and other Christmas treats were catered, followed by a finger licking Barbeque spread.

The night came to a climax, but the campsite and guests were still going strong. It was a full moon, and a crazy-crazy DJ party was waiting. All the lights were turned off, and DJ Sahil took the guests on board for a late night party under the luminous moonlight. The blend of trance with Bollywood music made the patrons go gaga over the party, and a healthy banter occurred to see who sets first, guests or the moon. Well, as it was an exuberant event, the campers couldn’t pit against the moon, and the celebration came to a happening end around 3 in the night.

The morning of 23rd brought with it a fresh start and a nature trail. For the jungle trail, guides took the guests to the 1st century B.C. Buddhist Kuda caves. After a rejuvenating experience, healthy breakfast was served at the campsite, and the alluring event came to an end.