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Forest Hills at Tala

The Herimtages

The Hermitages

Built on level 4 of our property, Hermitages are a set of elegant houses that are slightly diverse from each other.

Named as Jasmine, Marigold, and Zinnia, the theme of each house is based on these respective flowers available in the surrounding nature.

Made up of laterite bricks and lime plaster, these thatch-roofed houses measure upto 900 sq. ft. These curved Villas have a wall on one side and are covered with glass on the other three sides.

Shielded with glass windows, the rooms are embellished with lengthy curtains. While each house has a king sized bed, en-suite bathroom, and other amenities, the private plunge pool makes them one of their kind.

After The leeway of these villas offers rustic furniture with a spacious wardrobe, and Apart from the inner beauty, these unique houses are engulfed with a mesmerizing sunset view.